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Sugar cane stalk


Biomass establishment operations

Weedler, the mechanical weeding technology was introduced in 2000. Designed for the weeding management in both newly planted and established coppices the machine is built in modules. The operators can start with a two-row module, which easily can be completed to a six-row.

Salixphere Weedler 2M-5.gif

Rodprep, is a semiautomatic installation to prepare planting material of Salicaceas of high precision and quality. Useful wherever sticks, pointed or not, are required standard in size. I ex. road sticks environmentally more benign than plastic pipes. This technology was introduced in 2000 to drastically reduce production costs  

Step, the ultra high-speed Salicaceas planting technique was introduced in 1991 gaining 90% of the then emerging biomass market within a short period. The technology contributed to significantly reducing planting costs and higher survival rate of the sprouts.  


Non-row specific harvesting techniques

Bender, the direct chipping harvesting system was launched 1993. Non-row specific, It operates on naturally grown bushes and on high-density plantations. Those can be planted without lost of area in headlands The base machine determine spacements. Bender can produce billets of woody or high yielding grasses and agricultural residues of high quality without mixing in extraneous matter   bender_2_salix.gif
Rodster, a non-row specific whole stick harvester for stems up to 10 cm in foot diameter. It was introduced in 1996. It guarantees no damage to the stems. Therefore higher germination rates for the cuttings are reached when used for harvesting willows and poplar for re-planting material.  
Bundler, the direct bundling harvester technology was initiated in 1993 Enabling the handling of stems bundles as it was timber and long term open air storage and drying of the biomass it is useful for the whole year-round feedstock supply for the bioenergy industry or bioproducts  

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