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Modular Weedler 2-6B

Outstanding features


Customised for weed controllers

Lowering Investment


Covering the need of farmers and entrepreneurs to, at the pace of learning in the best weed controlling practices, reduce costs and further improving weed killing operations; in spring 2000 the so called Modular Weedler 2-6B, was launched and the first 2-row module Weedler 2B supplied.

Designed for the weeding management in both newly planted and established coppices the machine is built in modules. The operators can start with a two-row module, which easily can be completed to a six-row.

Why having developed a modular cultivator?

Conventional cultivators are hardly manageable in willow biomass establishments. Even for well-experienced tractor drivers starting with mechanically weeding operations directly utilizing six-row machines is difficult. Therefore, weeding control is being basically performed with at least two different machines; one 2-row to get the proper skills and one 6- row once the driver -after some seasons has accumulated enough practice. 

Also the design of these machines varies, ones dedicated to newly planted fields and other, dedicated to the already established and harvested. Often there are significant investments made on various weeding machines behind awell-skilled weed controller.


The 2B module can successively be completed to 4-row and/or 6-row weeding Weed-controls both newly planted and already established plantations.

Lowering costs

Able to run at highest possible speed to each particular condition


Configuration is easily adjustable to every soil and weeds particular conditions. Within certain limits even in stony soils. Pins and knives are adjustable both, in working deep and angle of attack.












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