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The ultra-rapid low cost planting of Salicaceas with the Step technology has passed two decades of successful improvements. Creating furthermore benefits to the customer, the latest introduced machine modularity was launched in 2007. Please, register and read more about the Step development.

Resuming the novel Modular Step 2-6A features in a few words: Highest planting precision and quality and at the same time flexibility, when planting and when transported.

 Variation in plantation density is almost unlimited, from 330 plants/ha to 200 000. This makes the Modular Step 2-6A the ideal and unique machine for you to serve not only the Step usual Salix for multipurpose bioenergy, but also all the Salicaceas forestry establishment markets.

You can start with a 2-row (2A) module and, at the pace of your business is developing, you can successively furnish with two more planting units to a 4-row (4A) and with two more units to a six-row (6A). The telescopically frame is the same for the three modules and the hydraulic pump provided from the beginning in the 2A is suitable even for the 6A module.

Feeding the planting units with rods from about 8 to 10 as minimum diameter and up to 30 mm of maximum diameter, the number of cuttings obtainable per rod is increased as you also can adjust the cuttings length from 24 cm down to 12 cm. The Step planting units rotary feeder minimize the operators stress and the human factor many times impeding accuracy in plantation, especially when you plant in high densities and the rods are short. You can also adjust from cero the eight of the cutting above ground level and it will keep it constantly field-wide.

When moving the tractor from one field to plant another field you do not need to dismount the Step planter from the tractor. For the 2A and 4A modules, you can shorten the telescopically frame to a planter width of 2.6 m and the tractor can unrestrictedly traffic on public roads. For the 6A you can shorten the planter width to 3.1 m and you can traffic on public roads having to properly sign the tractor as wide load but generally in Europe, a following car is not necessary. For transporting the Modular Step 2-6A planter in longer distances, you can use a car drawn trailer. To learn more about the Technical Specification, please register. Also the tables from the specifications are compiled in one page.

The Modular Step 2-6A is delivered with wearing parts for roughly 2.5 million cuttings planted per each planting unit. For the older models as well as for the newest modular Step there is a  List of Spare Parts and prices available.



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