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Modular Bender 6WG. The multiharvester

Multicrop Usability of machine increased as different cropping seasons can be negotiated along the year for various high yielding crops, wildly grown woody or grasses or, forestry thinnings and some agricultural residues.

Multiterrain It is attachable to almost any base machine, from standard farm tractors or all terrain vehicles, to dedicated trucks. Mainly the base machines determine the performances.

Multiproduct The crops can be directly converted into either clean chips or billets of different sizes, free from snow, soil, and other impurities.

Improving land-use As a non-row specific harvester up to 100% of the available fields can be planted.

Whole crop Additional to the Bender 6WG with a SD-module, stems can be on field separated from leaves and if needed, directly compacted for effective handling and logistics.





Bender Mark 5. Incresing safety and simplicity it was the first one with feeding discs instead of chains.

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